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Westcountry Ambulance service

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South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) provides ground and air ambulance services across a mainly rural area of 10,000 square miles, equivalent to 20% of mainland England. Serving a population of over 5.3 million, the Trust employs more than 4,000 GPs, clinical and operational staff and has around 2,785 volunteers. In order to achieve higher levels of resilience and energy efficiency, the Trust upgraded the cooling systems in two of its emergency call centres.  

Having supplied and maintained the cooling equipment for the Ambulance Service for a number of years, Bartlett were approached to design and supply an energy efficient solution to cool the Trusts Data centres. Working in conjunction with Airedale, Bartlett  recommended the existing mechanical (DX) precision air conditioning (PAC) units at the Ringwood, Hampshire call centre were replaced with three Airedale EasiCool™ chilled water (CW) upflow PAC systems, each matched to a separate Airedale LogiCool™ FreeCool chiller.

To achieve N+1resilience demanded in critical operations, each PAC/chiller configuration operates on an independent circuit with two in run and the third in standby mode. The EasiCool™ provides quiet, efficient cooling for the smallest possible footprint with very precise management of temperature, humidity and air flow. Savings were achieved by running the units at two thirds of capacity and as a result of water volume savings, delivered by the LogiCool’s digital scroll compressor technology.
Based on its ability to offer a robust, value-for-money solution and the significant energy savings achieved at the Ringwood installation, Bartlett and Airedale systems were selected for a second computer room installation at the Exeter, Devon head office and call centre. Bartlett replaced the legacy equipment with the award-winning SmartCool™ SR dedicated chilled water downflow PAC system which delivers very quiet, precise climate control and up to 30% more cooling per kW/m2 than the nearest competitor system.
SmartCool™ SN/SR units use an innovative V-frame heat exchanger arrangement (patent pending), positioned across the width of the unit which provides a highly efficient surface area for refrigerant heat exchange, allowing cooling capacities to be increased and lower condensing temperatures achieved within a smaller footprint.


A further performance benefit is that these coils have a lower air side pressure drop which increases airflow; this helps to increase the total heat rejection and makes the fans more energy efficient at full and, particularly, part-load. The electronically commutated (EC fans) housed within SmartCool™ SN/SR units are up to 50% more efficient than AC equivalents and use variable speed control matched to load to eliminate unnecessary energy usage which can be further improved by integrating Airedale’s intuitive controls. In addition to significantly improving performance, the ‘V block’ arrangement also makes it easier to access the unit for maintenance.

Total contract value was in excess of £190,000-00