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Climate Control in the home

It is now becoming more common to install air conditioning in to domestic environments, especially in the conservatory and frequently used rooms in the home.

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We foresee that air conditioning will be a prerequisite on new build properties in the very near future, due to the running cost saving and the benefit of cooling and heating.

We are approved installers for most leading manufacturers. This means we have access to the very best products, training and technical knowledge, it also allows us to offer a 3 year parts and labour warranty on systems installed.

We offer customers a free no obligation consultation, allowing you to discover the difference our product can make and also the different options available in our range. Create your ideal environment all year round no matter what the season.

Conservatory air conditioning: Use it to its full potential!

Having invested in your conservatory, it’s essential you create a room that is perfect for relaxing with friends and family regardless of the season. All too often the weather dictates when you use your conservatory, which very often makes it underutilised all summer and winter. To gain maximum benefit from your conservatory you should be able to use it as an extra room at any time of the year.

Temperatures go from unbearably hot in the summer to unpleasantly cold during the winter. Visually, a conservatory is always an attractive and inviting room, but these extreme temperatures make it impossible to relax in.

Air conditioning is the ideal solution

Effective cooling

Air Conditioning is the only way of cooling your conservatory effectively. In cooling mode, the heat inside your conservatory is absorbed by the refrigerant circulating through the indoor mounted unit and taken via the connecting pipe work to be released outside

Economical heating

Heat pump air conditioning units allow the cooling cycle described previously to be reversed. A heat pump extracts “free” heat from the outdoor air and transfers the heat indoors. This principle even continues to function on very cold days. The running costs are up to five times less than conventional heating systems.

Reduced VAT payable

To encourage the installation of energy efficient products, the government have introduced a lower rate of VAT payable on the supply and installation of heat pump systems, which currently stands at just 5%, rather than the normal level of 17.5%.

Daikin Altherma all-in-one-air-to-water heat pump system

Daikin Altherma is an air source, air-to-water heat pump system specifically designed for domestic central heating. It can provide water temperature up to 55°C (without backup electric heater) in ambient temperatures as low as -15°C with very high seasonal efficiency of upto 450%.

Altherma is the commercial name given to the Daikin air source air-to-water heat pump system. The Altherma system is designed to replace conventional fossil fuel boilers (Gas/LPG/Oil/direct electric) to providing 3-5 times more energy efficient heating and hot water to family homes.

With space and water heating representing 84%of UK residential energy consumption, replacing conventional central heating boilers with Altherma air to water heat pumps is the single largest contribution householders can make towards reducing carbon emissions.

The Daikin Altherma Packaged all-in-one-air-to-water heat pump system comes in just one unit size and 3 heating capacities. The fully weatherproofed unit comprises all the components, Inverter compressor, evaporator, heat exchanger, 3 speed pump, expansion vessel, gauge, valves, flow switch and filter strainer. The Inverter controlled packaged system is highly efficient, providing water up to 55°C; paired with a water storage tank the water temperature can be boosted to supply hot water to 65°C+ via the tank auxiliary heater.

Altherma incorporates the very latest in inverter and heat exchanger technology, uses the most efficient R-410A non ozone depleting refrigerant and state-of-the-art electronic controls.

The packaged Altherma can be used to provide hot water to showers (via storage tank), air-handling units, fan coils and swimming pools. The packaged Altherma can also provide chilled water for cooling if required

Further information is available from the Daikin web site.

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